LICA SOP-005 Ozone

Ozone analyzers operate on the principle that ozone (O3) molecules absorbUV light at a wavelength of 254 nm. The degree to which the UV light isabsorbed is directly related to the ozone concentration as described by theBeer-Lambert Law.The sample is drawn in tothe sample bulkhead and issplit into two gas streams. One gas stream flowsthrough an ozone scrubber to become the reference gas. The referencegas then flows to the reference solenoid valve. The sample gasflowsdirectly to the sample solenoid valve. The solenoid valves alternate thereference and sample gas streams between cells A and B every 10 seconds. When cell A contains reference gas, cell B contains sample gas and vice versa. The UV light intensities of each cell aremeasured by detectors A and B. When the solenoid valves switch the reference and sample gas streams to opposite cells, the light intensities are ignored for several seconds to allow the cells to be flushed. The analyzercalculates the ozone concentration for each cell and outputs the average concentration to the front panel display, the analog outputs, and also makes the data available over the serial or ethernet connection.

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