Processing of Near Real Time Land Surface Temperature and Its Application in Forecasting Forest Fire Danger Conditions

Near real time (NRT) remote sensing derived land surface temperature (Ts) data has an utmost importance in various applications of natural hazards and disasters. Space-based instrument MODIS (moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer) acquired NRT data products of Ts are made available for the users by LANCE (Land, Atmosphere Near real-time Capability) for Earth Observing System (EOS) of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) free of cost. Such Ts products are swath data with 5 min temporal increments of satellite acquisition, and the average latency is 60-125 min to be available in public domain. The swath data of Ts requires a specialized tool, i.e., HEG (HDF-EOS to GeoTIFF conversion tool) to process and make the data useful for further analysis. However, the file naming convention of the available swath data files in LANCE is not appropriate to download for an area of interest (AOI) to be processed by HEG. In this study, we developed a method/algorithm to overcome such issues in identifying the appropriate swath data files for an AOI that would be able to further processes supported by the HEG. In this case, we used Terra MODIS acquired NRT swath data of Ts, and further applied it to an existing framework of forecasting forest fires (as a case study) for the performance evaluation of our processed Ts. We were successful in selecting appropriate swath data files of Ts for our study area that was further processed by HEG, and finally were able to generate fire danger map in the existing forecasting model. Our proposed method/algorithm could be applied on any swath data product available in LANCE for any location in the world.

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