REPS Surface Water Contaminants

Surface water chemistry provides a snapshot of contaminants in the water at the time of sampling. This data was gathered to address previous barriers to monitoring anthropogenic inputs in AOSR tributaries due to naturally occuring bitumen seams. This was accomplished through testing of concentrations of metals (including total mercury and methyl mercury only in 2012) and nutrients in surface water. This asset provides data for 4 sites along the Ells or Steepbank Rivers arranged in a environmental gradient from relatively anthropogenically undisturbed upstream sites to more affected downstream sites. gathered over the open water months of 2012 (March, April, May, June, July, August, October), 2013 (March, April, May, June, July, August, October, November), and 2014 (January February).

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Field Value
Alternate Title/Name
Creator OSM Representative Sub-basin Study (REPS)
Publisher University of Calgary
Subject Surface Water Quality
Group/Subgroup Contaminants
Parameters Metals
Data Type Discrete
Frequency Open water season monthly
Temporal Coverage Begins 2012-06-01
Temporal Coverage Ends 2013-10-31
Spatial Coverage
Spatial Projection
Usage Considerations or Constraints Not all data and parameter exist for every month during every year. This was processed at the NLET facility in Burlington
Relation REPS Invertebrate Contaminants;REPS Sediment Contaminants from Artificial Substrates
Format xlsx
Resouce Type Spreadsheet
OSM Asset? Y
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