MAPS Landbird Banding Data

Bird banding data collected by OMEI at 18 bird banding stations (locations) in the oil sands region

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Field Value
Alternate Title/Name
Creator Oil Sands Monitoring Program
Contributor Owl Moon Environmental Inc.
Publisher Bird Banding Office, Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Subject Terrestrial Biology Monitoring
Group/Subgroup Wildlife/Landbirds
Parameters Species, age, sex, mass, wing length, body condition (fat, illness, disease, injury)
Data Type Discrete
Frequency Six sampling periods (6-hours each) during the breeding season, per station
Temporal Coverage Begins 2019-06-10
Temporal Coverage Ends 2019-08-08
Spatial Coverage
Spatial Projection
Usage Considerations or Constraints Data available upon request.
Relation Primary dataset, requires integration with MAPS Landbird Banding Effort data for derivation of demographic indice
Format xlsx, csv, dbf
Resouce Type spreadsheet, database
OSM Asset? Y
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