ECCC Wild Fish Health

Wild fish health data (length, weight, gonad size, etc.) are now available for trout perch collected from the Athabasca and Peace Rivers; white sucker collected from the Athabasca River; longnose sucker collected from the Peace River; slimy sculpin collected from the Steepbank River; lake chub from Alice Creek, the Ells and Dover Rivers; and longnose dace from the Mackay River. Contaminants data available for walleye collected from the Athabasca and Peace Rivers. For each of these data sets, upstream reference areas are provided for comparison to downstream developed sites. Reference data are currently being evaluated for variability between years to develop triggers, and these triggers are essential to eventually quantify potential effects at exposed sites. Using existing critical effect sizes developed in the Environmental Effects Monitoring programs for pulp and paper and metal mining effluents, condition endpoints in white sucker were increased within the deposit. Slimy sculpin condition and reproductive endpoints are also exceeding effect sizes downstream of development sites. This data is now being used to predict future fish health endpoints within sites, between sites and relative to reference variability to help assess change in fish health.

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Creator ECCC
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Publisher ECCC
Subject Aquatic Biology
Group/Subgroup Wild Fish Health
Parameters Length, weight, gonad size, liver size, age
Data Type Discrete
Temporal Coverage Begins 2009-01-01
Temporal Coverage Ends 2018-12-31
Spatial Coverage Athabasca River and its tributaries (Steepbank River; Alice Creek, the Ells and Dover Rivers; and Mackay River); Peace River
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