Enhanced Monitoring of the LAR: Surface Water Quality (discrete)

Baseline discrete surface water quality data collected by Alberta Environment and Parks as part of a focused study under the Oil Sands Monitoring Program: Enhanced Monitoring of the Lower Athabasca River.

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Field Value
Alternate Title/Name Surface Water Chemistry
Creator OSM
Contributor AEP
Subject Aquatic biology
Group/Subgroup Discrete surface water quality
Parameters Nutrients, anions/cations, physicals, trace metals, mercury, polycyclic aromatic compounds, naphthenic acids, phenols, petroleum hydrocarbons
Data Type Discrete
Frequency Monthly (open water season)
Temporal Coverage Begins 2018-09-01
Temporal Coverage Ends
Spatial Coverage
Spatial Projection
Usage Considerations or Constraints Data represents monthly water quality grab samples during all or part of the open water season (May-October). Caution on the location of the station within the channel should be taken, as this may impact surface water quality differences across the sites (thalweg, left bank, right bank). Samples were collected using a depth-integrated water sampler, thus represent water quality across the water column.
Relation http://donnees.ec.gc.ca/data/substances/monitor/surface-water-quality-oil-sands-region/mainstem-water-quality-oil-sands-region/
Format XLS
Resouce Type Spreadsheet
OSM Asset? Yes
Contact Email Keegan.Hicks@gov.ab.ca